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Aashish chaudhary and rachana parulkar dating

There might be personal differences and bias but disrespecting about her acting talent and professional work was not expected from them. Many times it is felt with her sheer presence the scene or sequences were completely driven by her and on occasions went past Ashish in both acting and presence. Gone are the days when you need a third person to cause a break-up. Still, the fans kept their faith and some believe on the show just for the sake of Rachana, her acting talent and her rocking chemistry with Ashish. Some fisherman find Kalpi in the river and take her to the hospital.

Just go and take some treatment and advice from a mental doctor. Eventually, Kalpana understands Raghav's feelings and reciprocates back. He gets attracted with Kalpi's sweet, simple and caring nature, and falls head over heels in love with Kalpi.

In her role of Kalpi, she showered the audience with many different traits of her acting abilities with special reference to her sizzling chemistry with Ashish. Any show should serve entertainment which was missing to the hilt. In short, the audience deserved entertainment and they got pain and unhappiness. Rachna rubbished those gossips as well saying he was happily married to Samita and recently welcomed twins. Later, Raghav gets to know where Paakhi hid Kalpi and goes to save his love.

Kalpi selflessly loves her mother, but is always deprived of her love and attention because Kamla is always busy looking after her Malik's Daughter, Pakhi Kapoor Shirina Singh. However, she still desires to fulfill her mother's dream by becoming successful. The surgery is successful. This show either they are playing with people emotions and not honest at all or the Zee media handling twitter handles is completely out of sync with the production house and their developments.

There might be personal

In this regard as well, Rachana stands out and has reached to millions of fans and found a special place in their heart. We will write down few of them here. Eventually he realizes his mistake but can not rectify it at that moment because of his long lost mother's Gouri Singhania pressure who wants revenge from Kapoors'.

Many times it is felt

During that iconic scene, the emotions she emote with Ashish were truly remarkable and memorable. But the story takes a major turn when on the day of his wedding to Kalpi, Raghav gets married to Pakhi Kapoor. But looks like, such isn't the case. In order to prove his love for Kalpi he gets married to her by putting the sacred sindoor on her forehead in a temple with God's blessings. However, this isn't the first time that the actress has been linked to a married man.