Ellis, president of Energize, Inc

Accommodating people with hidden disabilities

Do not divide volunteers into those-with-disabilities and those-without-disabilities. She describes herself as a very private person who tries to keep aspects of her personal life out of her professional life. Ellis, president of Energize, Inc.

Get a Special Report on Simplifying Membership Management Enter your email and receive this special report in your inbox. Be prepared to discuss reasonable accommodations with your employer. You do not need to disclose your disability to coworkers. Leanne is able to stay awake while working, but she needs to structure her day to include periods of rest in order to be most productive.

The condition does not always resemble the stereotypical depiction of narcolepsy. You must disclose you have a disability to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Vision Impairments Disclosing Disabilities The main reason to disclose a disability is to request a reasonable accommodation. Learn about the types of reasonable accommodations and how to discuss accommodations to perform the job. If you can perform the essential functions of the job without accommodations, you may not want to disclose you have a disability.

She describes herself as a very

This article was written by Susan J. Some people with physical limitations have far more expertise in various professional and technical areas than able-bodied people. Generous deadlines, which may work well for people with learning disorders or emotional disabilities may also be appealing to volunteers with work schedules that change frequently.

Do not divide