Am loop antenna hook up, connecting an am or fm antenna

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Connecting an AM or FM antenna

Not static, dating horoscope app but conduct like it. First of all we need to make the frame. Plug in the lead from the coupling loop to your receiver.

So, in the end, free over-the-air is the better way to go. It is very small in diameter but pretty strong. Feel free to call if you have more questions.

The video and the intention I had in directing you to it was to show some very clever solution to a problem in hand. The wire doesn't have to be very large in diameter. The first time I made one of these antenna systems, I added a small switch in series with the ground connection.

On most home stereo receivers, there is usually a small loop, or similar type open air coil antenna. Did you make this project? As always, we value your opinion and encourage questions. Will probably have to buy a variable capacitor from ebay unless I can make one that will be reliable and last a long time.

If so, kenya how much affect can it have? There's an am radio station that I sometimes pickup badly late at night. The Tuning Capacitor photo above shows somewhat out of focus the jack socket that carries the connection from the coupling loop to the preamplifier.

How to Hook Up an FM Stereo Antenna

It has very good nulls and exceptional gain. One of the big benefits of the Twin Coil antenna is that it can be positioned and rotated independently from the radio. Loop antennas can work on other frequencies also but need some modification because of the frequency property differences. We are happy to assist further.

There are three parts to this antenna system, and if you are an adept scrounger, it won't cost you anything. These antennas generally plug into two connections on the back of the receiver or Table-Top radios. You dont see much like this any more Reply.

Am antenna hook up

Inside that loop is a single loop of wire that couples the antenna to the receiver inductively. It is possible that the upper tuning limit of the loop is higher than your receiver covers, in which case you need to follow the procedure below. When the long wire is used, you should then find a ground point and connect this tab back.

Increase Reception - AM Radio Antenna

Run the wire to where you want your radio to be situated and make a coil of six turns, about the diameter of a saucer. What you have constructed is more like a longwire, as opposed to the loop antenna I constructed. Form a three inch coil with seven turns. Take a length of bamboo cane and measure across the widest part of the loop, Cut the bamboo cane so that it will fit across the widest part of the loop snugly and without distorting the frame. The main loop I assume has more turns than that.


Also if you get it into the dry soil you could always use a garden hose on it once in a while. You mention building a loop on a card board box or frame. It was situated in a steel building and radio reception inside was non-existent. You set it next to the radio and match the frequency with the one you are trying to listen to. Attackhing the Cross Braces.

Video of the Day

There are no hard and fast rules for determining the exact frequency coverage of a loop antenna. It would be tedious indeed to untwist it. This comes from bitter experience! Switched on, and I had to turn the volume down.

  1. Its ability to null out noise sources is sometimes phenomenal.
  2. The variable cap implemented in the video used a mailing envelope and tin foil.
  3. If you have bone dry soil you may have to dump quite a bit of water on the dirt to make the soil more conductive.
To connect an external FM antenna

Hula Hoop Loop -- antenna special on

  • Also note that this loop antenna will be bi-directional.
  • Single strand or multi-strand is fine as long as it is insulated and not shielded.
  • Must the insulated wire be single strand and what diameter is recommended?

Step 1 Weakest Is Best

The truck radio also has a very efficient counterpoise to the vertical antenna, the metal truck body. This is also important to make the ground work. For maximum reception, stretch the antenna wire out perpendicular to the station you want to listen to. The video host gives a great step-by-step walk through on creating one.

Crane Twin Coil Ferrite antenna. Crane Twin Coil Antenna can often times transform your listening experience. The windings were made from multi strand hook up wire single strand could be used. You can mount the wire at any height, but consider eight feet for safety. The down lead is connected to the other wire of the lamp cord.


This also allows me to position the loop at a convenient height so the controls are within easy reach. In addition you get to see if the loop works. One of the great things about this antenna is the possibilities available by selective tuning, loop adjustment and radio dialing. Bare the end of the antenna wire I use a knife or diagonal pliers and clip it to the coil.

Switching this in series with the main winding allows the tuning to extend down to kHz. This is an old post but since I did not see a correct answer to the question I figured I would answer it. Is it before the detector? You can use twin wire Bell wire or coaxial cable for the feeder. Please let us know of your successes or failures so fellow listeners can benefit from your experiences.

The family that made it retired and stopped making them. For simplicity sake, they are just handy to use clipped onto the actual copper wire after baring the plastic on the wire vs. We're here to help but meet us half way.

Connecting external AM and FM antennas

Especially with this new chip. Additionally I added pf of fixed capacitance through another switch, penn hookup culture which extended the tuning range down to kHz. And even without a rotor you will still get greatly improved reception and you may find one position that works perfectly for you.

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