Create the impression of seniority

An intimidating person

Jon Burge and the tortureBluishpink is calming and appears nonaggressive

Bluish-pink is calming and appears non-aggressive. Jon Burge and the torture cases that came out of his district.

Other triggers are location, beneficiary, instrument, reason, direction, and the reciprocal. The Black Panther Party sought to oppose police brutality through neighborhood patrols.

Appear creative and forward-thinking. Pinuntahan ng lalaki ang tindahan. Tampering with a witness in the fourth degree is a class A misdemeanor.

This section does not apply to any case in which an alternative to response to an appearance ticket is authorized by law and the actor complies with such alternative procedure. Failing to respond to an appearance ticket is a violation. Nothing contained herein shall prohibit a witness from disclosing his own testimony.