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Being a creative expressionist in singing and dancing, she chose a lesser-trodden path to carve a niche for herself. First Date is your first directorial venture.

There are many women-related issues in India and other developing countries. So much goes wrong, that you have to remain a team during the process. Locations, hiring people, being camera-ready, etc.

Magic will happen if that spirit is present within an actor. It may inspire my next script or start a movement. My mission is to help others feel less alone. That collaboration gives me the goosebumps.

It is essential that people are positive and patient on sets. Something healing happens when you do that. That place is truly heaven on earth. Anisha cultivated her passion for the arts into her adulthood, studying classical piano at the Trinity College of London. On completion of her business and theatre studies at the University of California, she took up acting and tasted success in it.

Freedom to bare my midriff when I had baby fat rolls on my tummy bouncing along with me. And I kind of ran with the idea of a female character that had a closeted side of her personality that could only be exposed to the person who is meant to be her husband.

It is essential that people areSomething healing happens

No, I feel I am able to easily adapt to any cast and crew. They were so sweet and friendly. It was like my body was a border with so much swirling inside. As the title suggests, the short film is about dating.

It empowers me even more than when I am only acting. So I think people are kind of shocked and then they start laughing and then it just becomes an enjoyable ride. Most people have been super kind and complimentary.

My growth makes me feel powerful. From inception to fruition, the film is mine. Neighbors are like family or your neighbors literally are your family.