Complete the activity as a class

Archaeological dating methods worksheet for kindergarten

It also provides directions for using gelatin and gummy candies to simulate preserved organisms. They will record what they see and draw conclusions about the environment of the fossil.

Students answer questions and make observations in their science notebook or journal. Teachers could integrate this activity with a study of procedural writing and words that indicate order first, second, next. Our featured lessons integrate science and literacy through the activities themselves and through lesson extensions. The article includes extension questions which can be answered in science notebooks or journals.

Now your students should engage

Substitute an appropriate trade book see our Virtual Bookshelf for suggested titles in place of the expository article. These researchers might also look for evidence of past flooding in an area. Students could practice using these words to describe the order of the fossils orally or in writing.

Now your students should engage in the hands-on activity involving trash. Students could illustrate events to create a class book. Modify the core description so students draw and describe their sample. This article was written by Jessica Fries-Gaither. Next, students learn about the various types of fossils and model the process of fossilization.

Students could illustrate

Combining the activities in the two lessons makes for a more complete set of activities. Use our suggested titles see the Virtual Bookshelf column or your own favorites to start the unit, or intersperse them throughout. Cupcakes would allow for individual participation.