It was certainly a trial by fire

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It allowed us to think about what actions we can take as a team to address each of those points. That said, in a world of looking for silver linings, I think it gave us an opportunity for a blank slate and a fresh start.

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So, now we are going to make sure that David and Brent Stanton Executive Director, Daytime Emmy Awards each have the support and focus they need to be successful. In fact, the report specifically discourages granting extensions to anyone because that could create the appearance of unfairness that some types of entries get more time than other types of entries. So, we are not going to be in a position to be extending extensions really to anyone.

It is going to mean being more transparent and public about what our policies and procedures are so that every entrant has the equal set of knowledge to work from. David led the Daytime Emmys to record participation and a growing audience. So, there is not a requirement that a show participate for an individual performer on that show to participate. The answer seems to be in Texas with her family and then in New York starting a brand new life with no engagement ring on her hand. For those types of things, we are going to crack down and be more consistent about our policies.

My first day as interim president was the day after the Daytime Emmy show this year. So, we are looking forward to having them. So, while it was a painful process and there were parts of this report that were difficult to read, I think it gave us the opportunity to start from scratch and to put some of that history behind us. Certainly, the fact that we have added additional review steps and procedures makes that timeline even more critical.

It delivered criticism where criticism was due, and there were a number of areas where we should have and must do better in the management of the Daytime Emmys and our other awards competitions. Neither Bryan or Kelly have confirmed the split, but with the whole country between them and no couple photos in months, they seem to be over. When he broke his foot in November, Bryan posted a Snapchat about how his mom was taking care of him while he was injured. Again, completely unintentional, but it could be argued that it created an imbalance or bias in the process, and the report made that clear.

Bryan spent his Christmas with his mother back in Florida far away from Kelly. So, we will look at all of the categories once we have the entries to see which ones remain viable and which ones do not.