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Melissa - Bridesmaid Melissa is the grooms sister-in-law. Ally - Bridesmaid Ally is the brides cousin. Dale - Groomsman Dale is long time friend of the groom.

Melissa  Bridesmaid

Wedding Party Lily is the grooms niece and daughter of bridesmaid Jessica C. Father of flower girl Charlotte.

Johnny - Groomsman Johnny is the brides older brother. Jennifer - Bridesmaid Jenn is long time friend of the bride. Dennis - Groomsman Dennis is grooms older brother. Charlotte - Flower Girl Charlotte is niece of the groom and daughter of best man Alex and bridesmaid Melissa.

Ally  Bridesmaid Ally

Immediately, she was provided a role in a drama film as the daughter. Later she was connected to Michael Angarano. This has based on facts that she is most demanded actress of industry. Anthony - Groomsman Scoots is long time friend of the groom.

Afterward Kristen Stewart began taking interest in acting. Kevin - Groomsman Kevin is the brides older brother. Married to the grooms twin brother Alex and mother of the flower girl Charlotte. Married to bridesmaid Melissa. Chris - Ring Bearer Chris is the brides nephew and son of matron of honor Liz.

They worked together in college. Patrick - Groomsman Pat is long time friend of the groom. Both of these two are frequently seen together on different places.

Married to bridesmaid Casey. Before relocating to Los Angeles, she resides in Colorado. Because of her striking and ravishing looks, Kristen Stewart is connected to several celebrities of the industry. Married to bridesmaid Jessica C.