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He is described as having pale green eyes. After the attack on Erudite, she deceives Four and the factionless take control of all weapons and announce the government of factionless. Abnegation is also alleged to be hoarding supplies meant to be sent out in the city. The serum through which Erudite control Dauntless does not work on Tris and Four as they both are Divergent.

Later, Tris learns that David wants to expose the memory serum on the whole population of Chicago to begin his experiment at a clean slate. Uriah was in a coma and the doctors said he would not wake up. She talks to Tris on the train back to Dauntless and compliments her on successful plan and her decision to climb Ferris wheel to find the other team's flag by calling it Erudite-smart. To take revenge on Tris, she tells lies to an Erudite reporter about Tris and her father Andrew.

He is also friends with Tris. He reunites with his son and daughter during the attack of Dauntless controlled by Erudite at Abnegation. He joins the surviving Abnegation members along with his father and goes to Dauntless with him and Tris.

Cara later escapes to Amity on Tris's advice. Unlike Erudite, which has one leader, Abnegation is led by a ruling council, and we don't have proof that all of the councilors are bad parents. She agrees, but leaves for Erudite as he sleeps. He bets with Marlene to shoot a muffin off her head without her flinching, which they both win. During his attack on Candor, Eric releases new a serum which lasts longer and Marlene with others is affected by it.

List of Divergent characters

The plan for exposing the information is ultimately successful, although Marcus himself is arrested by the factionless. Tris initially finds David to be a nice man after he lets her read Natalie's journal. She is also tall and has broad shoulders. They also show prototype gadgets to Dauntless and even lets Cara use a stunner on him.

Divergent Characters

  1. During the sparring in training, he beats Tris until she falls unconscious, but loses to Edward.
  2. Hana Pedrad is a senior member of Dauntless and the mother of Uriah and Zeke.
  3. She has a crush on Caleb and Caleb has a crush on her in return.
  4. Tris successfully overcomes seven fears in her fear landscape.
  5. Molly, who spots them together, starts making fun of them.

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She has golden hair and a crease between her eyebrows like her brother. She gets shot in the stomach during the attack at Erudite headquarters and before dying reveals to Uriah and Tris that she was in love with Marlene. Eric is cruel and emphasizes cutthroat strength over intelligence and teamwork. But soon she along with Hector and Kee get under the simulation's control.

He and Marlene start flirting with each other, which irritates Lynn. On her rudeness Tris threatens to punch her but Will defends her sister while Natalie pulls her daughter away. He is described as tall with long dark colored hair and has numerous piercings. Beatrice was born and raised in the Abnegation faction, but chooses Dauntless because she feels it is who she truly is. Dauntless-born Initiates Since the Dauntless-born initiates do most of their training apart from the transfers, we don't see a lot of them.

Rose visits Christina during the Visiting Day together with her mother in Divergent. Ben Lamb plays Edward in the Divergent film. Co-Stars theo james sparked dating divergent actors ans actresses circling.

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List of Divergent characters

When Dauntless and factionless attack Erudite compound, Tori corners her in her laboratory. When the loyal Dauntless get back to their compound, he also hands out paintball guns to fire at the hidden cameras at Dauntless compound. The same is set to happen to Salazar in her James Cameron-produced movie.

By Veronica Roth

His apparent death was officially ruled as suicide but his sister Tori does not believe that, knowing her brother was happy and also dating a fellow initiate. Is this a lesson to Tris not to define herself by the boy she's dating? Tris formulates the plan to capture the flag but Christina takes the flag and later apologizes to her. Just like Tris, he was born Abnegation, how to but chose to transfer to Dauntless to escape the abuse of his father.

  • When Erudite and Dauntless traitors arrive to capture them, they escape by jumping on a train to the factionless camp where they meet Tobias's mother.
  • All Symbols Tattoos Divergence Mirror.
  • Gabe is a member of Dauntless faction.
  • But really, Susan and Robert are mostly useful to us readers and we're all that matter, right?
  • Later, Caleb leaves Erudite after learning about their plan to use Dauntless to attack Abnegation.

We find out that he is also the father of one of the main characters. She choses to remain in Abnegation. Beatrice, or Tris, is the main character of the book. Study Guide for Divergent Divergent study guide contains a biography of Veronica Roth, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Redirected from List of The Divergent trilogy characters.

List of Divergent characters

Eric is an evil leader of the Dauntless. She becomes factionless due to her low ranking in initiation. Later Tris saves David's life during the attack by Nita.

He has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a scar on his chin and a few freckles on his nose. He later acquiesces to Erudite's demands. Marcus along with his group invade Erudite headquarters and knocks down Caleb Prior when he tries to stop them. They arrive at Abnegation sector to meet the Dauntless and the factionless.

Divergent Character List

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She creates many articles about Abnegation based on lies and published in newspapers run by Erudite, to make people believe that they are not a selfless faction but rather greedy and selfish. During the sparring training, he unwillingly defeats Will. The ruthless leader of the Dauntless, how to start dating after instrumental in planning the military coup that occurs at the end of the novel. She is sent back to Amity by Tori after the attack on Erudite with an apparent message that Amity are not part of new political system due to their neutrality during the war.

Dauntless demonstrate their fearlessness by jumping on and off moving trains throughout the novel. She was reluctant about finding the truth go the experiment and she was nearly killed by Jeanine's order after hiding that Tris was divergent. During Visiting Day, Tris learns that her mother's faction of origin was Dauntless. Get the fossil sites of her breathtakingly hot divergent, they co-starred in a Mtv.

At the advice of their mother, Tris goes to the Erudite compound to meet and talk to Caleb about the simulation serum but he defends his faction. Caleb is Beatrice's brother. Uriah's body is then cremated with his ashes scattered by Zeke and Hana down The Chasm, as the epilogue reveals.

According to Christina, he, Peter and Molly were inseparable since birth. As she lays dying, she learns to forgive herself and others for all the things that she had done to get there and sees visions of her mother reaching out to her. She injects Four with an experimental serum that overrides his Divergence, to control what he can see and hear. He is a scientist who does research on serums and monitors the Chicago experiment.

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She is loving and kind and is a good mother. She was born in Candor but chooses Dauntless as her faction. Erin is a member of Abnegation faction. Molly Atwood alias The Tank is factionless.

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Once in Dauntless, she begins again under a new name - Tris. It was formed on the principle that war and fighting are the causes of human problems. Growing up, farmers guardian rural Caleb had a secret fondness for books and a ceaselessly inquisitive nature that he worked hard to keep under wraps. Eric was born in Erudite and transfers to Dauntless.

Beatrice Tris Prior
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