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Alternatively, you can edit these formats or create new formats. Locate the broken cross-reference. Note the bookmark name for the cross-reference. Define the cross-reference format. Share on Facebook Cross-references in Word and create links in your text to captions and notes elsewhere in the document, such as captions on figures and tables, and footnotes and endnotes.

When you update the cross-reference link, the link is not updated. You can also use the definitions Building Blocks list to display contextual information. Reference source not found. You can update the cross-references in a document. Create a cross-reference You can insert cross references to any existing numbered items, headings, bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes, equations, figures, or tables in your document.

To use the new formats in another document, see Importing cross-reference formats. Cross-reference formats are specific to a FrameMaker document. Less A cross-reference refers to an item that appears in another location in a document.

Deleting cross-references in a document If you delete a cross-reference in a document, the cross-reference as well as the associated text is deleted. You can enter any text letters, characters, or numbers that display as they are in the cross-reference. Change Edit an existing format. In this scenario, the cross-reference link is not updated to reference the original heading. When you split the heading, the bookmark does not move.

To define a format, you can enter any fixed text - for example, Figure that will display as you specify the text in the definition. To define the format, you can enter any text letters, characters, or numbers that display as they are in the cross-reference. Importing cross-reference formats The cross-reference formats that you add or edit are available for use in the current document.

Alternatively you can edit these

Editing cross-reference formats You can change existing cross-reference formats and then use these in the current document. When FrameMaker encounters this nomenclature in a cross-reference format, it interprets this according to the building block definitions.