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These storms remained far enough offshore for no direct weather impacts locally, but large ocean swells created excellent surfing conditions as well as dangerous rip currents. We didn't make the plays to do that.

Officially only a trace of snow was recorded in Wilmington, with traces of snow, sleet, and freezing rain reported across Lumberton, Elizabethtown, Florence, and Darlington. Several days after the snow event, an even-colder arctic front moved through. At one point Irma's maximum sustained winds reached mph.

This heat helped spawn strong to severe thunderstorms on a number of dates. Three homes suffered damage to their roofs, a wooden fence was damaged, and outdoor patio furniture was scattered by the tornado's winds. Air temperatures fell during the eclipse as the sun's light and heat were blocked by the moon.

Burrow held his own against Auburn's more heralded Jarrett Stidham. In contrast to September, October was relatively dry and uneventful.

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Only small accumulations occurred across our portion of the Carolinas. Unusually warm temperatures continued through February. At one point Green Sea Rd. Although Irma's center remained over miles away from the eastern Carolinas, a large area of strong easterly winds developed between Irma and high pressure off the East Coast. May is often one of our most active months for severe weather, and this one was no exception.

An unusually strong cold front brought cool temperatures in for the last few days of July.

We got behind but dug ourselves out of the hole with a halftime lead. In fact, was the first year since that no weather station across our portion of the eastern Carolinas reached degrees at any point in the year. The first freezing temperatures of the season occurred during the middle of November as several waves of cold air pushed in from the north.

The hottest period of August actually occurred in the week around the eclipse. He made a helmet-to-helmet hit on Anthony Schwartz. There were two periods of unusually cool temperatures this month. Struggled to sustain solid start offensively after outgaining in building the lead. Third quarter we were doing a good job.

November was a very dry month with rainfall amounts only one-quarter to one-half of normal. This cool weather capped off a rather cool month overall. The result was a play, yard drive and Tracy's kick. Tracy kicked a yard field goal on the final play to give No.

Burrow held his own against

Due to unusually warm temperatures observed throughout January and February, trees and plants began to come out of their winter dormancy well ahead of schedule. It's an hour from high tide and water is pouring in from Garden City Beach pic. Temperatures averaged slightly below normal as Canadian air covered the Carolinas for all but the first week of the month.