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Avro validating schema editor

Plugins are given access to the generated code model and allowed to make changes or otherwise utilize the information. Each field must provide a name and a type attribute. So if you want to refer to a schema by a name other than what you initially defined in the name attribute, use an alias.

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Comprehensive Avro support includes an Avro validator for both Avro schemas and binaries, an Avro schema editor, as well as a special Avro Viewer for viewing and searching Avro binaries. The name, type, doc and aliases attributes are used in the exact same way as described earlier in this section. The fully qualified name for the records used to describe full time employees would then be FullTime. Finally, I deserialized the binary data file with this new schema, and print it out. The enums translate very well to Avro's enum type, and the beans can become Record types.

It only supports the items attribute, which is required. The Avro Viewer also supports validation of the Avro binary against its schema. These primitive types do not have any specified attributes. The way I do it, first I load all of my schemas. Creating comparable Avro schemas requires more type information than the Outline can provide, and so I decided to use the code model for the majority of the processing.

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Avro View is a user-friendly Avro viewer with a grid that displays the Avro data structures in an easy-to-read tabular format. The outline object stores basic information about the bean classes and their properties. Primitive type names are also defined type names. Reading List Introduction The pursuit of efficient object serialization in Java has recently received a leg up from the Apache Avro project.

It is optional, but it should be used when there is a chance that the record's name will collide with another record's name. It provides a default value for the field that is used only for the purposes of schema evolution. If this attribute is for the top-level schema definition, record must be used.

The extra flexibility of the generic data handling has performance implications. In addition to the advantages of its compact binary format, Avro is platform-independent and can be used to exchange data between programs that are written in a different language. No handmade Avro schema is required, which means one less mapping to maintain in your application code. In the binary file, the schema is included at the beginning of file.