The ruling was widely criticised

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According to the local monitoring centre Circle. Russian-language media are widely available.

Firstly it is very quickly loaded, and secondly has offline mode in the third allows zvukoff music free. There is no law exempting journalists from testimony or protecting their sources in Armenia. Yet, its implementation has stalled. The licensing systems hinders media freedom and diversity. The Public Radio of Armenia is the national public radio channel.

According to the local monitoring centreRussianlanguage media are widely

All main press publications are politically affiliated, with negative consequences on editorial independence. As a consequence of the large Armenian diaspora living outside the country's territory, several Armenian newspapers in Armenian language are published outside the country. They are often sponsored by political parties for propaganda purposes. Zvukoff no zv fm It provides such an opportunity.

To know more information, read the paragraph below. Journalists were later charged for failing to comply with a court order. During this time most of the journals were forced to suspend publishing activities or report only officials news. Three unknown individuals reportedly assailed and severely beat Kiviryan causing him serious head and face injuries.