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He didn't go crazy into it. Yusifiy said Mateen was not a devout Muslim and preferred spending his free time working out at the gym. Never said anything homophobic.

The volatile life of Omar Mateen

He seemed almost obsessed by it, friends said. Like its neighbor, Port St. It's the kind of place where working-class people can still afford a nice, pastel-colored home amid the palm trees. The anger and frustration in these refutations are apparent.

But that has yet to materialize. Previously, the group had tried to adopt a more-or-less neutral stance. They separated after just nine months.

Friends and co-workers gave conflicting reports about Mateen's religiosity and personality at the time. Mateen seemed to fit in easily, friends said. Salman and Mateen were married by an imam. Winkler said that Mateen acted superior to others and that teachers had great difficulty with him.

This is a flexibility hitherto absent from pro-Islamic State jihadi discourse, which has previously shown no tolerance for any kind of neutrality. Shahla Mateen was charged with domestic battery, but officials declined to prosecute. The pro-Islamic State Yemeni community, however, has been more nuanced in response.

Nothing radical Islam at all. His three sisters were active volunteers at the mosque, which has about congregants.

But as far as the Islamic State is concerned, that organization ceased to exist when the caliphate was declared. The mainstream opinion in the Muslim world is that the cutting is optional. That made him stand out a bit as well. And it definitively chose al-Qaeda.

The first was the caliphate declaration, which Nizari deemed illegitimate. Two steps taken by the Islamic State were in particular disagreeable. Was he a radicalized Islamist militant, or was that just bravado?

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It is unheard of that women and girls would be forced by a state-like authority to undergo this mutilation. Thereafter all jihadi groups were expected to dissolve themselves and incorporate within the all-supreme caliphate. These pieces made several of the same points. Now it was all about to fall apart.

He also spoke of dying a martyr's death. He has used these platforms to promote his self-styled political ambitions, sometimes posing in military fatigues or acting as if he is the Afghan president. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn't finished or something like that. To those familiar with the Middle East, those claims are contradictory - the two groups are bitter enemies.

He said they would fast for Ramadan and pray and occasionally wear the hijab. He didn't care whether he got beat up or killed, the way he was acting. It was Salman's second marriage. In one glowing letter of recommendation, Port St. He was about to graduate from a Florida training academy that would put him on a path to being a police officer.

He wasn't quite a police officer, but nobody was pushing him around anymore. Mateen blew up, recalled several cadets who were present, and said he couldn't eat anything off the grill. Meanwhile, he was also attending a training academy for police, firefighters and corrections officers at Indian River State College. Hatim was of a different mind.

Mateen purchased an assault-style rifle and a handgun at a Port St. Some said he was extremely pious and serious, but others described him chasing girls, going to parties and drinking. In he was still a prominent militant in Fallujah.

Officials declined to prosecute, but Mateen later listed the incident on job applications as an adult. He, his son and grandson would go to the mosque together at prayer time. That's where their moneymaking is. Mateen's father was called and came to pick him up.

The reason is not clearly stated in records, but some who knew him then believe it was because of the alarming threats he made at a training academy. Yet not all pro-Islamic State jihadis castigated Nizari so ardently. Often, talking to someone dating he was able to mask his internal turmoil well enough that some friends and neighbors are now stunned to learn that the person they knew became a killer.

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Lucie was filled with ice cream from McDonald's and trips to the mall. In front of my son they are doing that.

Lucie police officer Steven J. We must not leave these girls and women alone with their fear.

Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, the town's few Muslim families would get together to share meals. Then Omar Mateen got into his car, drove to Orlando, and walked into the nightclub. It was just some of the things his culture does, the food they eat. He encouraged the Islamic State to hold fast to its current strategy in Yemen.

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Cedeno said Mateen tried to flirt with him but he was not interested. One is either with it or against it.

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