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One takes a hundred-plus-year-ago tragedy, and just throws in a bunch of wacky hijinx to comprise everything prior to what actually happened. While sumo wrestling would not be offensive in its own right, it's really just an excuse here for the author to materialize his fetish for fat girls. Many critics note that the film seems to have no idea whom it's trying to appeal to. The fungus proliferates in the corn kernels, swelling them up to massive proportions and turning them bluish. Aside from the inevitable worries that it wouldn't live up to expectations, fans were interested.

One takes a hundredplusyearago tragedy and

Chick Tracts are meant to appeal to people other than evangelical Protestants. Dark Chaos is pretty much this trope to a tee. Non-fans of Ant-Man were driven away by this, while Ant-Man fans left out of disgust at the thought of such a douche taking over the title.

Of special note is huitlacoche, a delicacy in Mexico consisting of corn infected with a parasitic fungus. Examples of Affirmative Action Legacy have this even worse, as they are frequently interpreted as the writer screwing over a hero people love just so they can show off how progressive they are. Barbara Slate's Angel Love series folded after eight issues and a special. The new volume is facing cancellation as a result. The Conversion Bureau is about the ponies basically forcing all of humanity to convert into ponies or get killed by the lethal magic coming out of Equestria.

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Predator fared much better. The mere thought of having an entire feature-length film about emojis didn't tick with many. You can probably imagine why the book was lambasted by everyone who has read it.