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Mattel Entertainment Mainframe Entertainment. Antonio is ecstatic to see Ro again, while Peter demands that she be thrown in prison for daring to return. There's nothing that's more tragic Than a princess without magic And so I must take what I need from you It may seem an imposition But, hello, I'm on a mission! Grateful for her help, Antonio asks Ro if she would like to return with him to his kingdom, Apollonia.

List Of The Barbie Movies. Over the next few days, Ro repeatedly tries to please Antonio's parents, but due to Ariana's interference, they all end in disaster, which further increases the king's dislike of her. When Antonio confesses to Ro that he loves her, Ro reminds him of his pledge to Luciana. By now, Ro feels like she doesn't belong in Apollonia and thinks about returning to her island, but her love for Antonio and determination to find out about herself convinces her to stay.

On the journey, Tika confesses how she hid Antonio's note, and Ro forgives her. She saves his life when crocodiles attack him and his friend Frazer. Where is the land I come from? Always inspiring in just a few words.

Extremely big still of PaP, anyone? Barbie Perfect Christmas doll's. She tells the royal family that her real name is Rosella. Rosella and Antonio are promptly married. Could there be new horizons to share?


Tiny comes to her and tells her that Ariana poisoned the wedding cake as well. Barbie Movies Confessions. Is this the tree he sleeps in? The score for this film was composed by Arnie Roth.

Single-player Multiplayer. The queen sees Ro as a threat to her plans and quickly plots to dispose of her. Ten years later, a handsome prince named Antonio discovers Ro's island.

Download Barbie Movies In Tamil

What I want is really very small I want it all! She almost completes her task when the king's guards discover her. Queen Ariana's motive is revenge for her parents, who were banished and reduced to pig farmers for the attempted murder of Antonio's parents years ago. Like the prince, Luciana doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love, but is forced to be a puppet in her mother's schemes.

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Why does he hide his feet? The other guard is about to lead Ro back to the dungeons. Sagi escapes and takes the antidote to Tallulah, who has been poisoned as well. Nothing Great About Britain. Ro manages to call dolphins for help just in time and they bring the group safely back to shore.

Ro is banished from Apollonia and placed on a boat that will take her back to her island. While away, he arranged for Antonio to wed Luciana, a princess from a neighboring kingdom. Marissa joins in to complete the song, realizing that Ro is indeed her long-lost daughter and that Rosella is princess of Paladia. Why do I feel shy when we meet?

They and a baby elephant named Tika, decide to help her. The happy couple, Rosella and Antonio, wave goodbye to everyone as they set sail on a honeymoon voyage with Sagi, Azul, Tika and Tallulah in tow. The entire group are then thrown overboard, as Ariana had paid a man to sabotage the boat. Why do my memories start with a storm? She tells them that she had a daughter named Rosella.

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List of Barbie Movies songs. Barbie as the Island Princess is a American - Canadian direct-to-video computer animated Barbie film. Some of songs are from the movie while the rests are from soundtrack but they are still related in Barbie Movies. After a violent storm, Sagi, a wise red panda and Azul, mgmt music a flamboyant peacock discover that a six-year-old girl has been shipwrecked on their island.

The king apologizes to Ro and his son. Tika witnesses this and decides to hide the note from Ro, fearing that Ro will leave her. What can he see from there?

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During the voyage back, Ro and Antonio begin to fall in love. Ariana denies it, but a shocked Luciana confirms Ro's story by saying that her mother had told her not to eat any wedding food.

Ro does, however, succeed in earning the friendship of the queen's pet monkey, Tallulah. He gives the couple his blessing and embraces Ro. Ro then exposes Ariana's plot to everyone.

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These are what I most look forward to, when I watch a Barbie movie. The Herald Angels sing - Silent Night! Ro arrives and quickly starts to make a rose tonic antidote for the poison.

There's no one who can stop me And there's nothing you can do! Fed up with his father's attempts to push him into marriage, Antonio writes a note for Ro, saying that he wants to run away with her instead of marrying Luciana. One of the guards chases after him, but Tika takes him down. The king is hesitant at first, but then a cured Tallulah appears with Sagi, showing that Ro is telling the truth. Don't tell me no Just tell me how!

Universal Studios Home Entertainment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peter is determined to have his adventurous son settle down and marry. Don't make it small Just make it wow! Who lives where I was born?

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