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We will apply our rules consistently and transparently. We will no longer readily grant deadline extensions or other extraordinary exceptions to our rules. Even when I was studying my fashion degree I was involved in student films.

We will seek to work more closely with the Television Academy. We will distribute these improved resources as they are completed in the coming months, and will provide coaching around and strict enforcement of these policies and procedures. We will update and clarify our rulebooks. We believe that through these and other improvements, we will once again meet the expectations all participants rightfully have of us.

We will distribute these improved

Barry has great advice because he has so much experience. And it rightly identifies many ways in which we must do better. And any such assistance or waiver will be documented. Any technical assistance or waiver we grant must be provided equally to all entrants in an affected category, if not the competition as a whole.

That is certainly what has happened for me. It is notoriously hard but I think if you keep working hard and training and taking classes then doors will open. Share your thoughts below. This will help ensure that decisions and guidance are consistent and metered out fairly, and that the handling of such events is appropriately documented.

We will seek to work more

Barry is actually responsible for me taking the leap to do this professionally. And while the reality show got Katy used to being in front of the camera, she admits living in America has given her a golden opportunity to take on Hollywood. We will better articulate and make public our core policies and procedures. It levies criticism where criticism is due.

You have to bounce back and be thankful and always see the positives. The Daytime Emmys generated a record number of entries and tremendous growth in both in-hall and at-home audience, but we did not scale our operations commensurately. Finally, at the end of the competition we will prepare a Transparency Report, providing a high-level summary of how our rules were employed and enforced over the course of the competition.