When he spoke his voice cracked

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You frowned in the realization

Remorse was a better word. You lift your hands to grab his shoulders to calm him down but he pushes you away. He had his knees drawn into his chest and his head was down, avoiding your gaze.

Exhausted from the events of the day, sleep slowly began to creep over you. His breathing starts to get heavy and you begin to worry.

Once again your attention was drawn to the feeling of Jason running his hand along your tattoo. When you came to you could feel the faint touch of someone tracing their finger against your fingers. Straightening your back, you leaned away from him to prepare yourself for what he was about to say. Progressively, his hands shake and tremble, and his breaths become shallow and choppy.

Jason sits across

You frowned in the realization that Jason was now comforting you, as the original point was for you to comfort him. Jason sits across from you, silently looking to you for some sort of reaction. Tears were still falling down your face but you could feel that they would soon come to an end.

Jason chuckled at your reaction. His face gets red before he yells. He puts his face in his hands and you watch as sobs wrack over his body. At that moment, all of your thoughts cleared out of your head. The tears that had built up in your eyes threatened to cascade down your cheeks.

Jason had shifted his body to where he could lay on the bed comfortably with you on his chest. He gently brought you down to him and placed your head into the crook of your neck.