People behave a certain way

Becoming less intimidating words

However, intimidation works best when you use the right words to gain that competitive edge. Choose your words carefully, especially when it's necessary to give criticism.

This can put them off, especially when said in front of others, and provide some space to get what you need done without having them nagging you. To intimidate someone, a person who is actually manipulative can turn the table and say that someone else is manipulating them. You may even find that focusing on more positive words will result in greater motivation, willingness to participate and share, better work and personal relationships, and increased productivity. Avoid pejorative words, and don't make threats.

The five negative words listed below may seem harmless but can be very powerful ways to affect how someone else will feel. Your circles start off small and remain small. Break the ice by reaching out to your employees on a regular basis. Keep your posture open and relaxed when you talk to employees.

Keep your relationships friendly and supportive. Simply being the boss is enough to make you intimidating to many employees. What it does is alienate people rather than encouraging them for being originals or unique. Be careful where you place yourself in the room.

Smile and make eye contact. Asking permission before you sit shifts the power balance and makes you more approachable. Offer to help whenever possible. Try to use them sparingly or strike them from your vocabulary. Speak slowly and pause during the conversation to seek feedback.

Many use this word in an intimidating way to get people to do what they want out of fear and guilt at somehow being thought as different and outside of the norm. You observe this many times at different social scenes. You'll be perceived as more intimidating if you're standing while others are sitting. Don't project a know-it-all attitude. Don't interrupt when someone is speaking to you, even when you believe that person is wrong.

Choose your words carefully especiallyHowever intimidation works best

Instead, think of words that are positive and can be used to get what you want from others without controlling them or making them feel guilty. Learn about their interests, hobbies and families. You walk into a room and know immediately how people feel about you.

It can start to feel really annoying and stressful. Use a soft, gentle voice with inflection that goes up at the end of your sentence so you'll sound less demanding. Leaning in the doorway of someone else's office or sitting on the edge of someone else's desk can be threatening. Get out of your office and walk around.

People feel intimidated by those who project a sense of entitlement or ownership to the physical objects around them. That means a lot of potentially profitable ideas are never acted on. Be aware of relative height positions during conversations. If you always act with integrity, you'll increase trust. Nonconform Close your eyes and think of the synonyms for nonconformity.

Insincerity can be detected. Sitting side by side with someone is less intimidating than if you remain seated behind your desk, especially if you hold a position of authority. To be liked is desired more than the desire to be successful. As a result, small issues spiral out of control. If someone has used these to try and intimidate you, then you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of what becomes a negative experience.