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For weeks, they had been without water, medical supplies, and necessities for thousands of wounded. So lautet das Versprechen. German resistance will toughen, and the Volksgrenadier divisions now forming will soon make a major contribution to building a strong German defense in the west.

So lautet das Versprechen

Our troops succeeded in destroying the Atlantic harbors, which the enemy captured only after a bloody struggle, and in destroying the French road system. Only along the German-Dutch border south of Geilenkirchen were newly-arrived American divisions able to make limited local incursions into our position, after some give and take. Wenn sie dabei auch noch im Mittelpunkt stehen, kommt das besonders gut an. Therefore, our leadership is putting particular emphasis on strengthening our fighter forces.

For weeks they had been

The attacks on Metz and Salzburgen are aimed at the Saar, and in the south the enemy hopes to reach the Vogenes ridges before winter hinders his efforts to reach the upper Rhine River. This is the first time that the area has been taught at the university level.

The defensive positions have proven themselves Dr. Heavy battles are in progress. During the past night, British bombers dropped bombs on Kassel and Aschaffenburg.

The minister stated that certain unpleasant events during the critical days of the German withdrawal from France could not be denied. The battle was, therefore, completely hopeless. The instigators restricted themselves to insulting the participants in the uprising, or on calling on them to hold out. Ich kann eine anonyme Flirtbotschaft in Spotted hinterlassen, in der Hoffnung, dass Freunde von ihm diese Nachricht lesen oder ihn darauf aufmerksam machen. The Anglo-Americans have begun to see that there is no hope of overcoming German resistance, and that they face a hard, long, and extraordinarily costly war of attrition.