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Spread out on the lush grass of the nursery-cum-cafe and enjoy a fun twist on the typical dinner-and-a-movie-date. Rough-hewn wooden planks are mounted to the ceiling and the surrounding walls are all made of glass. They suggest pairing port with that dessert and we think that sounds perfect. Whether enjoying the famous Turtle Soup or sipping one of the many reasonably-priced cocktails, it's not hard to lose your head here.

Au Petit Paris A cozy, converted cottage houses this classic French bistro. They take some time to prepare and you will want one of these poofy delights at the end of your meal.

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It's hosted seven Presidents and is practically the definition of fine dining in Houston. Walk upstairs afterward and take in the enchanting Houston skyline at night with a daiquiri on the second-story patio at Bad News Bar. Many restaurants on this list are longtime Houston classics that have their routines down. It's as appealing at night as it is during the day for staging a getaway from the bustling streets just outside the door.

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Inside, the low-key interiors include simple wooden tables and lace curtains. Sharing dinner with your loved one?

Sure, there's the danger of emotional pain instead of physical pain, but that probably won't happen until at least several dates away. Sure, if you're afraid of spice they can point you to milder territory, but didn't you come here to feel some heat? The ounce dry-aged porterhouse for two, sliced tableside, with a side of creamed spinach and a proper bottle of red is the way to go.

Then graduate to the fragrant French onion soup and finish with slow-braised coq au vin. Finish off the night with a stroll in the park and a glass of wine at La Carafe. If you've never thought Indian food is romantic, you'd better think again. The food is all on par with the notable list of Italian wines. Even if you don't want to splurge on private dining, a meal of seared foie gras, duck breast and French wine have a good chance of kindling the flames of romance.

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Sommelier Cathy Nguyen's wine list is much more adventurous than you might expect. Chef Jose Hernandez started out in pastry before becoming an executive chef. Don't forget to grab a rich, sweet praline on the way out for a last, memorable taste.

Spindletop at the Hyatt Regency, Louisiana If you haven't been to Spindletop in a while, it's time to go back to this rotating restaurant for more than just the stunning view of downtown. Kiran's, Westheimer Chef Kiran Verma pretty much introduced fine-dining Indian restaurants as a concept to Houston with her first location, Ashiana. Brennan's of Houston, Smith This Creole restaurant may have evolved from the original Brennan's in New Orleans, but it is a beloved part of Houston's consciousness. Were I still dating today, these are ten of the afternoons or evenings I'd plan for a first date.

When the first-date planning was left to me, I often did the same. If all goes well, stay for dinner and grab a seat on Plonk's beautiful, garden-flanked patio. Quattro, Lamar It's not hard to have a romantic dinner in a room adorned in lush red upholstery and punctuated in glassy gold and blue. And if you manage not to drink Plonk's cellar dry, head to Petrol Station afterward for a dessert beer and more lush outdoor seating. If you don't catch a show, finish off the evening with drinks at the sleek, surprisingly upscale Alley Kat lounge, which recently took the place of The Mink.

Since a first date is often the initial and most important impression you'll make, you want that impression to be memorable. For sipping, the beverage program offers plenty of American-distilled whiskeys and gins. Don't dare leave without trying dessert. Go ultra-lux after dinner in the adjoining Monnalisa bar, with a second-story swimming pool and deck that overlooks the entire CityCentre complex or stay cozy by the indoor fire pit.

Best Restaurants in Houston, Texas Gulf Coast

The intimate, seat room grants a taste of authentic Spanish fine dining, with dishes such as an expertly plated lobster bouillabaisse with rice, amid original works by Pablo Picasso. Tony's, Richmond What girl or guy doesn't want to be able to say their date was at Tony's? Cobra, the beer bar that offers a more refined drinking experience than you'd expect. It's located in a private room just off the kitchen where chef David Denis and his staff cook guests a French meal specifically to their tastes.

Best Date Restaurants in Houston

To really pull out all the stops, walk down Westheimer to Da Marco for the best Italian food in the city. Whatever route you choose, this date will definitely afford the best people-watching opportunities. The restaurant is staffed by students as well as their watchful mentors and boasts not only reasonably priced French classics but one of the best charcuterie programs in Texas. Meet up for a coffee at one of the best coffee shops in the city and watch the traffic trickle by on Westheimer. If you're closer to the West side of town, check out the newer sibling restaurant, online identity verification for dating Vallone's.

One has great fish, the other has great pho, both are half a block away. Have a not-too-fancy French dinner at cozy Gallic cafe Sale-Sucre first, then walk a few doors down White Oak to Fitzgerald's for a show. You can even make a staycation out of it by booking a room at the boutique-y Hotel Sorella.

There's even a six-course vegetarian option. It seamlessly melds its traditional butcher shop aesthetic with white tablecloths. All of these destinations also double as terrific occasions to reconnect with your spouse or partner as well, so book a babysitter and make it a date.

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Sure, there's Napa Cabernet there, but do yourself a favor and take a guided adventure for an evening that's memorable in more ways than one. An oyster bar with gleaming seafood towers and a robust cocktail program round out the space. There, a booth is recommended for top romance potential. Close out your night with punch and poetry back across the street at Mongoose vs.

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The Tar Tufo, a globe of pistachio ice cream enrobed in a light, crunchy chocolate shell, is worth every decadent calorie. Mockingbird Bistro, Welch Chef John Sheeley's intimate restaurant is full of dark woods and an ornate, carved bar holds down one side of the room.

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Sip Bordeaux as you nibble on fresh, homemade bread. But yeah, that view will still take your breath away. Every dish here is rather sexy, like the long, burgundy strands of Beet Ribbons and the Tagliatelle with uni cream and lobster. For a romantic meal, go for the eight-course chef's tasting menu.

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Most of these first dates involve a small degree of walking, so ditch the crazy heels. Part of its ambiance comes from being housed in a gorgeous s church.

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