Programmers are well, programmers

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Smartness isn t really a good reason why you should date a programmer, but it definitely is if you are the learn-something-new-every-day kind of person. There really isn t any reason behind this it is just something we take for granted. Good luck to the girl who wrote this. If you are a non programmer then you ll have your life open up to basically how every programmed electronic works and be constantly confused by the language they use. That is not to say that those things aren t important down the road they are.

Great profile if you re a woman. But if you realize that usually most profiles sound the same this one stands out and like a beacon directs the person looking at it to ask for a resume and find out more about this person.

You ll end up either helping them program also. WisdomKnowledge and understanding was applied perfectly. Terrible choice of Jackie Kennedy for her beauty and class can we say superficial to the max. Not the most important perhaps, but how long after separation to start dating.

But the general dating malaise in the orthodox community is due to people focusing on the tick boxes of how frum someone is, family they come from, where they went to yeshiva sem, etc. You should definitely find out if you are dating someone who is more introvert or extrovert. Patience is key in a good relationship. Profiles should be interesting. Hitting from the women s tee.

How about pray to Hashem as he is the Ultimate Shaddchan. If you don t express yourself well in writing, ask for help from someone who is good at it. How can I follow up with her.

Smartness isn t really a good

The musical part is an excellent example of something that is not generic, and speaks about a specific. The secret to avoiding years of go-nowhere entanglements. Focus on the character, and the values goals of the person, and then get more specific as the number of dates progress.

She should also learn correct grammar and should have written If there were a snowstorm. Nothing else in her profile sounds like she puts these above the more important character traits.

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Get help writing your profile. Loving Most programmers likely don t spend time with other people very much.