Rimi laughs and asys sure

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Bigg boss welcomes her in house and hopes she brings new energy in house. She was seen breaking down in the confession room narrating how the housemates made her feel by calling her a vamp.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. In the last episode of the notoriously popular reality show Puneet went on to call Karishma Tanna a vamp of the house. He talks about Rimi and says she said to me that if i give her make up then she will do tasks. She claimed that she had not slept all night and she felt guilty for her wrong decision.

Kishwar have authority

Naturally, Babbar bursts out with anger and even demanded to go inside the confession room to narrate the ugly episode. Pranett and Pritam console the dude in his grief. After hearing his account, we hear, that Bigg Boss decided to take a stern action against Punnet which resulted in his exit from the show.

Suyyash says i want her to take care of herself. He even stated that he has nothing against Arya and he should not have used a martial art move to hurt the actor. After choosing not to free Sushant Divgikar, Miss Tanna invited a lot of ire from the inmates. Priya says you will nominate two inmates and have to give valid reasons as only then i will accept your nomination. The otherwise feisty and fierce Tanna was seen shedding tears, for the first time ever.

House will be

For a luxury budget task, Puneet has apparently used physical strength against Arya Babbar. Rimi laughs and asys sure. The man did not know that he was going to be the true villain of the season to invite the wrath of Bigg Boss.

Mandana accuses Kanwal for being physical with her, she cries, Kanwal says i didnt push, dont you take me lightly. In fact, it was Karishma Tanna who became the center of attention.

Priya says i dont know anyone personally here, i have seen you people as viewer, people are not able to make favorite here, Kanwal agrees. Kishwar says to Digi that i know if Prince was in my place, he would have nominated me but i am not like that.

Kishwar have authority as captain, she have to give two names other than nominated, they will be nominated too. House will be turned into cow stable.