Biografia de miguel dela madrid hurtado yahoo dating

Biografia de miguel dela madrid hurtado yahoo dating

The Senate is composed of two

De la Madrid was also the first of the so-called Technocrats to become President. All the opposition candidates refused to recognize the official results and claimed that a massive electoral fraud had been orchestrated by the government.

The Senate is composed of two senators from each state and two from the Federal District of Mexico. In summary, by a deterioration of the social conditions.

Some of the measures proposed were a reduction of public spending, fiscal reforms, a restructuring of the bureaucracy, and employment protection. The number of members of the Chamber of Deputies being elected by proportional representation plurinominales was increased from to and allowed for a better representation of opposition parties. An election of half of its members takes place every three years. Finally, his administration's handling of the elections in Chihuahua and, specially, the Presidential elections, remains highly controversial. Unlike previous Mexican leaders, he was a market-oriented president.

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He implanted modernization programs in production and administration. De La Madrid's mishandling of the disaster damaged his popularity because of his initial refusal of international aid. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared it would not request aid.