Boat radio hook up, video wiring speakers to your marine amplifier

One set are the positive and negative wires to power it, perks of dating a the other two go to the manual switch at the helm. But we will determine that later. Most electrical and electronic equipment comes with pigtails. That way you have a spare if the fuse blows. Check the manufacturer's installation instructions for recommended fuse sizes for each piece of equipment.

The question is how many fuses in the block? Put this one on tour battery. Since starting current is so high, and the wires to the starter are not fused, you want to keep the wires as short as is practical. Also they should be where they are protected from spray or rain. Feed from the positive side of the battery is attached to one terminal, the red and the yellow wires to the other.

The red probably has an inline fuse attached to it. One great feature is the Bluetooth on this one it works great for handsfree calling and music listening. Ignition protection means that it will not ignite gas fumes if they are present. Submersible bilge pumps are usually ignition protected.

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To hook up a stereo in a boat
Setting Up A VHF Radio With Digital Selective Calling
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Then i'll bring red to that same sourse or clip it into the yellow and then run it through a toggle switch that i'll mount someplace before the wire runs into the radio. The yellow wire the one that must be hot all the time is the wire that feeds a small current to the radio when it is turned off. Nice stereo for the boat, easy Bluetooth hook up and the wire remote is a nice size for the dash or back of the boat. The directions probably tells you how those are hooked up.

Do that and you will be rockin out. Let me know if you need more info! You can tin the wire before crimping if you want. The stereo is great, paper dating service although there are a few Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Your radio will draw current even if the radio isnt on. Adding the two gives the total length of the wire. Use crimp type ring or captive spade terminals. The entire electrical section of this website may be purchased and downloaded.

Batteries must not be directly under or over fuel lines or under other electrical equipment such as a charger or inverter. Cover made by Pyle, does not work with factory hole. Buy a switch that has a provision for two batteries because you may want to add a battery in the future.

Stereo Installation Tips

Then replace each set of wires with new. Throughout the boat negative wires should be black or yellow or a combination. It should be close to the battery but easily accessible to be switched off in an emergency.

Put in switch panels and fuse blocks. Both wires should be the same gauge. The battery should be close to the engine.

Video Wiring Speakers To Your Marine Amplifier

Just sort of surprised me. It'll piss you off when you try to use lights and you have a dead battery, so these are good precautions. Start with the battery, the battery switch, and the main fuse block. You would have a right and left channel for your speakers.

Radio has no power
  1. Also my Mustang has an kenwood w amp that works amazing with my sub.
  2. Install the battery box if you are using one, or a tray, then the battery.
  3. The memory yellow wire will pull current from the battery when the boat is not in use.
  4. None of the wiring should be electrically connected to the hull.
  5. If it is, it vents into the compartment.
  6. One is for the wire from battery to the engine.
Stereo Installation Tips
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Negative can be black, or yellow, or black with a yellow stripe. If you look at the back of the stereo, there is wires for power-probably a red and a black. Get fast, guy free delivery with Amazon Prime.

How to Hook Up Wire & Run Two Batteries in a Boat Diagram

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Use the appropriate fuse in-line of the red. If you use circuit breakers instead of a fuse they must be marine ignition protected circuit breakers. Then I use dielectric grease.

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If that's what I have to do, how do I keep that from draining the battery during the week when it is stored? Fuses are rated by amperage and are there to protect the wire from overheating and starting a fire. Then install lights and electronic equipment.

Why are aluminum boats in the northwest? Each of these must be close to the equipment they power, and easily accessible to be worked on. This prevents them from being pulled off or slipping off the stud or post. You use the larger if there is a difference.

Never use wire nuts to connect wires on a boat! Next we need to install a fuse block close to the battery switch. However, batteries are not considered a source of ignition because there are no moving parts to cause a spark, but if you make accidental contact with metal tools it can create an arc. High resistance equals heat, which results in fire. You should find that there are wires that you will not use, these are for setting your stereo up on a key switch, amplifier, or other pieces of equipment that you are not using.

Boat cb radio

Notes for the above table. Well i wanted to wire it in a way that when i shut the boat down to troll with the trolling motor and fish or just beach the boat i could still listen to the raido. This way you know what the wire is connected to just by looking at it.

Setting Up A VHF Radio With Digital Selective Calling - BoatUS Magazine

  • Or am I stuck wiring to the starting battery and hoping that I don't use all the battery power jamming tunes on the water?
  • This is bad practice, and can easily come loose or result in a high resistance connection.
  • The battery switch is necessary to turn everything off when you are not using the boat.
  • Locate the fuses, buss bars and switch panels.
  • You may have to move it to balance the boat side to side.

First answer is good as it take into consideration the memory. What size relay will you use to connect the two batteries? If the engine has the power wires already installed, free online dating site in the wires from the battery to the switch should not be smaller than those wires.

Connections have to withstand being pulled off. Had To replace the spark plugs on our suzuki? Once the fiberglass work is done then I will start running the wires so I can hide all the wires neatly behind the sidewalls once they are finished. See the table in Appendix A.

Thus, we will show you how to do it in parallel through this how to hook up two batteries in a boat diagram. Make a rough drawing of the boat looking down from the top. That way if your a once a month boat guy all you have to worry about is no saved radio presets, and not a dead battery.

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