Boom Bap Drum Kit

Be prepared for a wild journey filled with passionate desire, depression and lust. Listen to the demo and see for yourself.

You won't be disappointed. Thank you for such a great product. Been using Nexus for a while and the workflow is almost identical. All products are instantly downloadable after purchase - you'll receive a download link by e-mail automatically after check out.

Ultimate Boom Bap Drum Kit

Two thumbs up from London! One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Boom Bap Drum Samples and Drum Kits

They are lightyears ahead of Dimension Pro and much fuller than those of Purity. No need to download the demo. Initial Audio is providing producers some serious arsenal at incredible value.

The Heat Up Expansion Kits are worth. Our prayers have finally been answered! The goal is to help bring out the best in you!

This set of drums will give you more than enough unique drums to create your next gang-baby boom! This drum kit will give you more than enough unique drums to create your next boom bap banger!

The teamwork production is really reactive and professionnal! Deff getting the expansions! Thank you for making this plugin. Each composition has been created to emulate the grandeur of a live orchestral strings section. One hell of a kit, especially for the price!

Use Studio to create your own unique bass sound. Sound-wise, movie site for mobile phone the stock patches are hit or miss to be honest. Covers what the others don't have especially the sequencer and the manipulation of sounds.

We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose. Great stuff for hip hop and trap producers.

It has never been so easy to create custom sounds! The compressor contains a built-in sidechain. Amazing product, and I would recommend it to everyone. Heat Up is definitely one of the most unique and innovative plugins to produce hip hop beats in my opinion.

To be honest i was using various drum samples given away for free off the internet. This expansion is definitely worth! All sounds are unique and ready to use. Cartel Loops has provided both wet and dry loops for maximum flexibility.

Most usable digital Soundz. Need New Samples for your Library? Possibilities are endless! Make your bass slide without effort and with just one pen.

This is it, but I also recommend the expansion packs. Initial Audio is way too Litt. Other Samplers might come with more presets, but they have too much filler stuff that sounds the same. Very reliable with providing product updates.

Boom Bap Drum KitBoom Bap / East Coast Free Drum Kit Download Classic Reborn

Website set up is very customer friendly. Initial Audio has my full support, and I will be looking forward to everything coming in the future!

Boom Bap / East Coast Free Drum Kit Classic Reborn

Bei mir funktionierte SlowMo nich und die erste Antwort, welche ich erhalten hatte hat direreckt funktioniert! There are endless factory sounds and tons of dope expansions to choose from.

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