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Try to understand the explanation below and apply it to my story. We both admired the pug sitting on a bar stool down the way who lorded like a regular alongside his owner, the only other customer present. What made it even worse was I had not seen a larger chest than an A in over a year.

The first problem is that they two minds do not have the same agenda.

Photo of David Wondrich via Shecky's Nightlife. Though tempted, Dave, Karen and I departed giggling over Tom's booming voice.

This troubled me, since although I am very respectful, I found my eyes riveted on her pendulous breasts. Sometimes though even all of my experience does not prepare me for a curve ball. Aiming not to feel like mush in the morning, we all hopped in cabs, but not before making tipsy promises to meet again in Red Hook soon. Karen, Dave's wife and a wonderful cook and recipe tester, joined us.

Simon put Rod Stewart on the juke box, I played Hank Williams and Dave happily bantered with us both until he realized it was nearly midnight. She busted no pun intended me with a hopeful smile and I immediately looked away. Well, a lot on the heavy side. This is a very key part of understanding how men and women function. Dave talked about his idea for pulp mystery novels starring a sleuth bartender.

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This is how it works in the most brief of explanations. Before we left, he grabbed my hand for a kiss, and requested to sweep me away with him for a weekend of magic tricks and bourbon. We sat in the backyard and ever-prepared Simon pulled out mini-bottles of booze to accompany. There isn't a saloon he doesn't know, a cocktail he hasn't studied, and quite possibly an esteemed publication for which he hasn't written. Find all your own recipes, and make some of your own too.

Then apply it to your life. We grabbed a picnic table and devoured our slow-cooked pork sammies alongside a Paulaner Dave and a Porkslap me. Fortunately for her god blessed her with breasts about a round and heavy as she was. Dave was adamant that Angostura is highly underrated, and proclaimed the beauty of newish white rum blend, Banks Five Island.