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Lead the eye of the reader by using strong elements of contrast. Your email address will not be published. Use strong text complimented by a hefty amount of negative space. How to Align and Position Objects.

Select your orientation and keep the resolution at dpi. Click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged image of the template, along with some information about the template such as page size and orientation. Here are some good guidelines.

Fonts Choosing the right font can be a daunting task. Color, element weight, typeface, boldness, and almost any visual action or inaction can be used to create a leading line to guide your reader.

Business Card Templates

Some cultures may prioritize the business title of the cardholder whereas other cultures are shying away from title usage. Don't get stuck in the corner. Ensure that your logo, branding, and coloring are unified with those of your company.

Sketch out your layout Start with your logo Your logo is the centerpiece of your business card. Adding a Background Color If you would like to have a background color for your business card, activate the Rectangle tool and create a rectangle roughly the size of the card. How to Modify and Save Templates In this example we are using a business card template. However, if you utilize an alternative size, your card stick out among other cards. If possible, easy cad use flat images as they tend to translate the best to business cards.

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Few things are so quick as handing over a card. You can also add additional guidelines by using the Pick tool to drag them out from the rulers along the top and left side of the interface.

Offer at least one critical reason the recipient of your card should contact you. If you use more than two colors, the recipient of your card may take you less seriously. Download a Free Day Trial Now! You can also right-click on a template and mark it as a favorite.

Often, the only impression you get is your business card. Managing Objects, Layers and Pages. We will leave the category as Business Cards. Click on any of the images below to view full-size. Most businesses and individuals use white business cards that use black lettering.

Creativity is what makes your card stand out from the rest of the cards in the stack. Open the All Templates dropdown and choose Add New. We are going to save it in the default Templates folder to save it, but you can also save templates in other folders if you wish. Making your logo the primary element on your card draws the eye and will help trigger recall later.

Balance being creatively unique with readability and ease of comprehension. Once you have installed the Business Pack, the new templates will be available in the New from Template window.

Collect Assets It's time to gather all of the digital elements of your card. Embrace the emptiness if it's there. The more uniqueness you can show, the more memorable you'll be. In the top right corner of the window you will find the Get More icon. To do this, click on the Options icon in the top right of the New from Template window and select Browse.

CorelDraw Templates - Brochures Flyers Newsletters Business Cards

The focal point of your card should be split between the logo and company name. Click on the intersecting point in the top left corner where the rulers meet and drag to the top left corner of your business card document. You can specify these in the Color Settings section.

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Is it to allow others to get in touch with you after networking? Just choose from the selection of business card templates below to make your card quickly and easily. Ask your printer if they prefer any specific color profile and color mode. It's hard to bounce back from typos on a business card. Before you start, decide what information you would like to have on your business card.

Overcrowded text makes for low readability and a claustrophobic experience. In the Paragraph section below, you can use the Spacing features to properly make your text more readable.

Business Card Templates

1. Determine the purpose of your card

You may choose to go outside of that norm to make your card stand out, but stick with two colors. What is the ultimate action you'd like a recipient of your card to take?

CorelDraw Templates - Brochures Flyers Newsletters Business Cards

If you would like to have a background color for your business card, activate the Rectangle tool and create a rectangle roughly the size of the card. Don't be afraid of negative space whitespace. The Template Properties window will now pop up. The Open folder location icon, which you can click on to see the folder location where the template is stored. Which, most of the time, are not good enough for print.

The Properties icon, which you can click on to see additional details about the template such as tags and category. If you wish to save your customized new template to a folder location other than the default Templates folder, you will need to browse to this other folder when starting a New from Template document.

Just remember to use original images created to from the beginning, and not resampled images. Click on Guidelines and then the Presets Select Page borders and other options if needed.

Are you handing them to prospective customers? There is an endless amount of Star Wars digital art and illustrations out there. In this example, we added a color gradient, changed the contact and address information, and altered the name and logo at the top.