Enter the ballot-booth selfie

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Alaskans by the thousands have been heading to the polls to vote before Election Day. In Alaska, an open-carry state, whether you can take a gun to the polls depends on your polling place. The law has only really been tested once in court, in a Supreme Court case over a tight race with a close recount. If casting a vote on private property, then it's up to the property owner.

In Alaska it'sIn Alaska voters are required to

In Alaska, it's somewhere in between. In Alaska, voters are required to show identification to poll workers before voting. Enter the ballot-booth selfie.

Otherwise, the usual Alaska open-carry allowances remain in place. Alaskans may have a few questions about the legal boundaries of showing their civic excitement at the polls.

Some states, including Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Texas, bar guns at polling places. With so much talk during this presidential election about voter fraud, policing the polls and voter intimidation, Alaskans might wonder where their Second Amendment rights fold into the whole event.