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CameraWindow also enables you to post images to Facebook, save them to your device's camera roll, or email them out. This is touch-sensitive, allowing you to swipe through the menus and review your pictures by sliding a digit across the screen. This is a trick that Sony started a few years ago.

From your iDevice, you can upload your snaps to Facebook or email them via the Canon CameraWindow app. It's not physically possible and so they do what they can. The metal casing not only looks good but feels great. The wireless features are among the camera's most interesting.

While it was still working, this is the point where I would normally be looking to recharge. The previously mentioned metal tripod bush will last a lot longer than a plastic variety and the compartment lids are strong. But it's still pretty accurate - typing Wi-Fi access point passwords is simple enough, for instance. An effective wind cut option is available when shooting in windy conditions, which is nice to see on a camera at this price point. There's also a histogram for the more adventurous out there to check exposure.

But when the camera occasionally had to compensate for particularly bright flowers in shot with more muted tones, it did lose some detail. There's nothing new on the menu systems, the usual pre-programmed modes are there along with some digital effects such as miniature and soft focus. The options are to a camera. At less close quarters, it certainly didn't skimp when it came to splashing about the colours. Despite their growing popularity, these are still comparatively rare formats for digital cameras to date they've been more popular in mobile phones.

The battery compartment is situated directly next to the tripod bush but it doesn't take the card as well. We also found that we such a tiny bezel around the screen there's no much to hold on to, meaning that we accidentlally tapped controls on the screen by accident when trying to line up a shot. The first is shoot information. Controls As the camera is so small, physical controls are kept to a minimum, partly out of neccessity, and partly to maintain the sleek finish. For both stills and video shooting under low light, noise is visible in files from the and in high contrast conditions outdoors, the camera is prone to blown-out highlights.

The function menu brings up options such as delete, protect, rate and some search options. Although the camera isn't the slowest model in its class, start-up and shot-to-shot time are only average, at best. Chromatic abberations can be a problem around high-contrast edges though. It gives photo details such as film speed, aperture and shutter speed.

Over the years, the company's ultra-pocketable digital cameras have become decidedly less friendly towards tight jeans-wearing hipsters. That's not to say it's unwelcome or even a hindrance, although admittedly, we did sometimes go into playback instead of turning the camera off. It has large icons that anyone can understand. My only complaint where the physical aspects of this camera is concerned is the battery life.

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The whole process is rather convoluted, but once set up and synced you shouldn't need to do it again. Watch out for chromatic abberations though see image below. All the usual buttons are available on the back screen of the camera. We found that we had to tap our chosen icon more than once on several occasions. There are also restrictions when it comes to sending shots by email - you can't tap in an email address on the camera itself.

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Canon appear to have got around a problem quite creatively. The second alternative displays a focus square in the bottom right corner of the screen.