To each her own happiness

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The researchers determined that cats and their owners strongly influenced each other, such that they were each often controlling the other's behaviors. Learning to knit, aside from being a hobby that might actually produce a useful result, is the ultimate single woman activity. Spoken like a true cat lady. Today, women in soaring record numbers are staying single longer and for good reason.

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We are consumed, we care for nothing else. In reality, sleeping with someone else can also mean less actual sleep. You have to be demonstrative in your love for cats. Dating makes life interesting. It assumes that because we have a cat, cats are what our worlds are about.

If you want someone in your bed, you can invite them. When dad had a minor toe surgery, Butterball sat next to his chair for four days. Cats have been shown to improve the lives of their care takers, even improving the physical and mental health of their owners. And we have done so for centuries.

There is a mutual understanding and a similar hatred of leaving the house. None of these things exist in another person. Those frisky felines do have a way to make us laugh, which is medicine in itself.

We are consumed we care

In such a system, a woman is entirely financially dependent upon a man, her husband. And the hilarious part is that they think that scene is sad. But these women, regardless of whether or not the stereotype about them is true, may be onto something. Consider asking your doctor for a prescription for cat, instead.