The sooner you apply, the better

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Rather, the judges had compliments and criticisms for all. In doing some research I found some recent photos of him in a mint green suit.

The actual collection is more leather-based, a darker type of aesthetic. Last But Not Least Staple a copy of your driver's license or state-issued identification to the back of the application. Be sure to fill out the application in dark ink.

On the runway, no concise top or bottom was indicated. Be sure to infuse your audition tape with your personality. Meet The Requirements Project Runway has a few requirements for its contestants.

And it just seemed appropriate. Audition Video Tape Tape a three- to five-minute video of yourself. Additionally, show all images of your working patterns and sketches. So it sounds like you've been making clothes for him for a while.

In addition to providing an outside opinion, he also joins each contestant for a meal with their friends and family. If you do digital photos, be sure to include print outs as well.

The show ends with Carol HannahThe photos of you should include

Typically color for him is the main focus, so he'll come to me with a few different color options and then it's whatever I can come up with and source and make a decision on. The connection came through a mutual friend of ours years ago. After the mayor greeted them, Tim explained that their challenge would be to draw inspiration from any location in and around the Getty Center. Let's start with the color. They were asked to create a companion piece from their winning look.

The show ends with Carol Hannah falling ill once again. The photos of you should include one close up of your face and one full length.

Include Photos You must include two photos of yourself and a few photos of your work. On the runway, Irina insinuated that Althea's coat was inspired by Irina's previous winning look, but the judges ignored this complaint and awarded Althea the win. Include in your portfolio both daytime and evening looks. Those with versatile portfolios are most welcomed. If you apply late and are invited for an in-person audition, you may have to travel a further distance.