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Thankfully, she also makes new friends. Its two leading stars, Bae Yong-jun Untold Scandal and Choi Ji-woo also gained international fame because of the series. Even an important event involving one of the major characters - usually relegated to the finale for dramatic effect - only ends up shaping that character's role in the drama much more efficiently. Bok-su builds a beautiful life out of his last days on Earth.

Jang Nara might not be a great actress, but she has an addictive personality, a tremendous energy and screen presence which is evident from the first episode. The manipulation never bothers, and it has a quick pace which will help even the most skeptic casual fan.

Park Yong-ha, fresh off his previous high profile drama Winter Sonata, takes on the lead role of Lee Hyuk, an aspiring director with a hot and short temper. But then Suk-yeon is blinded in an accident. Winter Sonata is an original love story. The characters turned in great performances in this show. Narrating the story of two lovers and their tribulations, it certainly follows the directing style of Yoon Suk-ho, who also directed the previous two dramas.

The cast are all very good, making their doofus characters believable and sympathetic, even lovable. In theory, it's good writing, but when acting isn't there, the series is likely to become dull. Based on the comic book by Park Soh-hee. But, he reveals himself to be one of Bok-su's best friends.

Kim Rae Won is Kyung Min, a law student who is taking his final year exams to become a prosecutor. Jeon Do-yeon stands out, which is no surprise, but Park Sang-myun and Jo In-sung are right behind her.

However, she commits arson unknowingly, and Seung-joon is trapped inside a parade vehicle. Shin Min-ah did a good performance too, considering that she's relatively inexperienced in acting except for a few movie projects under her belt.

Beautiful Days, Truth, Winter Sonata that it is becoming numbing for the audience to see her in such pitiful renditions. He's a tough, no bullshit man looking at him from the outside. After watching his performance, one might feel that it would be better if he had just stuck to singing. Kongji is the nice girl in the story, whereas Patji is the mean sister.

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Going by the same few expressions, Kim clearly shows her weakness in portraying the inner feelings of Han Yuri, especially since the four main characters in the drama focus a lot on inner feelings. Soon both Ki-suh and Seok-hyeon notice something odd about Spring, how she refuses help when she gets a bloody nose, and the secret of her infection becomes harder and harder to keep.

He's not able to go beyond the same facial expression, no matter how important his reaction is to make the scene compelling. The drama itself is also alluring and draws viewers in with each subsequent episode. She cries a lot but never comes off as weak. Jung Da Bin also proves her ability, after only appearing in minor roles before. Romance in Paris is addictive.