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More Set track as current obsession. Storming of El Caney, for band. You can hear the whole thing here.

Electronic Folk International. Hidden Wonders Kevin MacLeod incompetech. The Wikipedia article contains a long list of other interesting screamer marches, in case you want to be whipped into a frenzy of excitement. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Circus Echoes, galop for band. Barnum Circuses originated in ancient Roman times.

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If you want to really fall down the rabbit hole of the internet, start looking into arguments about things like Pythagorean tuning and just intonation. Bouncy, Dark, Humorous, Unnerving Creepy off-putting circus music. With a bouncing bass and frantic trumpet blasts, the cymbals crash and instantly take you inside the circus tent, where a tense high-wire act competes with the rotund ringmaster. It is characterized by a rapid-fire tempo - usually around beats per minute - and melodies that contain showy features such as leaps, runs, and fanfares.

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Trombone Blues Fred Jewell. The Big Cage, circus galop for band. However, the original piece had nothing to do with circuses. Crimson Petal, valse caprice for band Fred Jewell.

The walking frog, two-step for band. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Royal Decree, march for band Walter P. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Circus music


Bouncy, Eerie, Humorous This is the kind of music that makes skeletons dance. Wedding of the Winds, waltz.

The piece was originally written for the xylophone. Louis-Philippe Laurendeau was a Canadian composer, bandmaster, writer, and music publisher. Due to the speed and complexity of the music, screamer marches are often challenging to play, particularly for brass instruments. Jungle Queen, oriental two-step for band George D.

The music presented here is all from me. Use the handy links below to get started on your free music odyssey. With its pounding brass, singsong flute melody, and off-kilter syncopation, this piece is whimsical and reminiscent of a carnival. Mistakenly thought to be a waltz by Strauss, it was written by Mexican composer Juventino Rosas.

The Circus King, march for band Charles E. The walking frog, two-step for band Karl L. The galop is another popular form of circus music. Within a few years, the Ringling Brothers Circus established itself as one of the best-run circuses on the circuit.

The most common type of circus music is the circus march, or screamer, which is a march played at a very fast tempo. Super Circus Kevin MacLeod incompetech. Russian Circus March, cowboy movies for band Donashevsky.

Problems playing these files? The trio has a part similar to the second third with a chromatic scale like sound. With the nineteenth century came the introduction of brass bands. Many other composers were well known for writing screamers, among them Fred Jewell and Henry Fillmore.

Circus Sounds

The Circus King, march for band. Marches served many purposes throughout the course of a circus. You can hear the entire song here. Clownette, novelty for band.

The music is jovial and intense, with a flair of ridiculousness. Astley and was also the one who financed the theatre used for the royal circus. Storming of El Caney, for band Russell Alexander.

Memphis the Majestic March, for band. Caesar's Triumphal March, for band G. Tempo is the speed at which each beat is played. Waltz of the Carnies Kevin MacLeod incompetech.

Circus Music

Circus Music