Hot tempers are a major turn off

Common dating deal breakers

They can't seem to get their shit together. These things are enough to make most people walk away. Proper dental hygiene is a must.

This applies to men, not so much the women. Allow me to be the judge of whether or now I am impressed with you. You never know, if your date goes well you may not have to go on the other ones.

Allow me to be the judge

If one is late for a date chances are they will always run late and that is not tolerated in relationships. If we are texting and I am writing sentences and you respond with one word answers that's a deal breaker for sure. Discussing politics on the first date is not wise. Being too cheap is a deal breaker.

This applies to men

He will take his date out dancing and for long walks on the beach. Not wanting to hang out with my family. There is no need to nit-pick and expect everything to be perfect. Lack of a sense of humor - life is too short to take everything seriously. Taking too many selfies during a date.