Copy tables with their headers

Consolidating data by linking workbooks excel

The previous examples have shown you how to consolidate data in Excel with a very straight forward method. There must be no blank rows or columns anywhere in the list. Ensure that each range has the same layout.

Repeat this to add all of the ranges that you consolidate. For example, if you have an expense worksheet for each of your regional offices, you might use consolidation to roll these figures into a master corporate expense worksheet. In this, we got a single table that shows the sum for all tables being consolidated. Place copied ranges side by side - arrange the copied ranges horizontally.

The previous examples have shown you

Once you have the files opened, go to a blank worksheet. The data in the source areas has the same order, and uses the same labels.

There must be no

Consolidate data in Excel You now know how to consolidate data from different worksheets within a single workbook. Consider creating a PivotTable if you need more flexible consolidation by category.