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But that's not enough to understand the situation. Where he strategically supports the founders and management of startups like Knip, HeyJobs, Memorado and Wiredminds to build successful companies. They enable organizations to run innovation projects like a startup, but in a corporate context. Managing Director, Europe for Root Inc. Teams and Startups do not need to be incorporated or complete to participate in the program.

His involvements reach from fintech to eCommerce, to social networks and SaaS companies. While working for the Start-Ups, he learned how to build stable business models and how important it is to focus on the go to market.

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Ernesto has led early stage investments across the U. Constantly ranked as top Fintech influencer in Switzerland by Fintech Switzerland. You as mentees, might like that he tend to understand quickly what you are up to, and then irritate you with poignant outsider questions to clarify your way forward. Currently, he is starting a new fintech venture called Clinc, an artificial intelligence company, helping users to save and invest money automatically.

He also acted as Chief Revenue Officer at swiss market leader in group buying DeinDeal which got sold to swiss media company Ringier. Following this he became an independent adviser on banking and digitization.

In addition, he is serving as a board member of different companies and as a lecturer at the University of Zurich. She is an active supporter of the global startup ecosystem and a strong believer in the potential of human creative genius powered by collaboration across spatial, temporal and cultural boundaries. You should work with him because he knows the startup world from seed to exit. Karin Friedli A listener, problem solver and teacher by profession, Karin helps organizations to grow and succeed through authentic and meaningful communication. As an entrepreneur, he gets a kick out of working with enthusiastic people with innovative ideas, and find it very satisfying helping to boost new ventures.