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Cory monteith dating dianna agron

There are just parts of the city even the tough police force won't go into. But in the background was a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. It is only about an hour's drive from sin city Vancouver, where teenage Cory Monteith spent so much time. But it also spelled big, big trouble. And there are those still persistent stories that the whole thing with Lea Michele was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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He would get sober for a time and then fall back into substance abuse. As a poor, drug addicted youth, he had roamed its city streets and gotten to know the city's hardcore side.

He talked of kicking the demons that had plagued him early on. But back in Vancouver, all bets were off.

But back in Vancouver

When they come out with a Heath story, they steal the headlines. That's when the trouble started. He played Simon, an addict. In Los Angeles and Hollywood, he was the clean-shaven, apparently sober star with his loving girlfriend on his arm.