The two got engaged back in March

Cowboy cheerleader dating

He was a basketball star, she a cheerleader. This here is Chloe Butler, and as you can probably tell, she's a professional golfer. Hmmmm, I wonder if these things took place before the rule.

So that's good enough for meOr at least not a professional

Royce Reed Now here's an obscure one for you. And because once a cheerleader always a cheerleader. At least Matt knew she wasn't initially attracted to him for his money.

The two got engaged back in March. This union was unique because they were both with the organization at the same time. So obviously things didn't work out so well for these two lovebirds.

The two have been dating for a while. Sarah Jones Matt Schaub met his wife, Laura, at a charity golf tournament when he was with the Atlanta Falcons and she was an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. He said the ladies were not wholesome and he did not want them on the sidelines. Even Director Kelli Finglass gets into the act. And because Howard filed and won a defamation suit against her in when she broke the terms of their paternity agreement by mentioned him in the media.

The rule helps keep that reputation in place. So normally at this point I'd say the court has spoken and the allegations were totally false. Amanda Vanderpool Okay, we have no definitive proof for this one.

Or at least, not a professional one. So that's good enough for me. Abigail Klein Here's another obscure one.