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Craig dating guru

Spelling and grammar check is for pussies. Tell him it was the best toenail-face-solo you've ever seen, and then bully the skank in the bathroom and make her leave the bar in tears. Make your rules for dating, including cheating, clear to him, and if he wants to share your life, he can come to you on your terms.

If he calls you daily but then stops halfway through the tour, he may have cheated. Well, except you, apparently. They will alternately gossip, drink, shout and applaud, drink, dance, drink, smoke, and yammer at you during songs.

In contrast, Craig was rumored to be in a relationship with Amber Smith, a former model. Band Wives are your best protection against cheating, aside from your solid presence. Also, you should be scowling. This may be for a number of reasons, the main one being that he is in travel-mode and assumes that you are okay.

Even if he's ranting pissedoff because

If your musician cheats on you, don't stay with him. Don't expect him to understand your deadlines, the fact that your lunch hour is only one hour long, or your hassles with your boss or co-workers. Don't expect him to know what you do in the daytime.

Say you've thrown him out

Say you've thrown him out. Even if he's ranting pissed-off because of any of these things, listen in sympathetic silence and keep your own opinions to yourself. Oh, and don't clean, move, or otherwise touch his musical equipment in any way, ever, even if you have to wedge past it just to get in your own front door. If he calls you every day and then skips a night, but calls you the next night, he is probably still on the up-and-up.