But of course, it's not babies

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And yes, of course they will win. What's more, this is an obstacle that requires Kurt Weller to dig deep.

This is going to make Roman's death a lot more interesting. Instead, Jane decides to run it past Kurt and see how he'd feel about Jeller baby. It's not a terminal disease though.

It should be noted Roman completely agrees with me about the marriage and babies. The Count of Monte Cristo is about an innocent man, wrongfully imprisoned for years, who becomes a wealthy after his escape and uses that wealth for revenge against all those who wronged him. Just twist the knife inside of me. Jane finds Roman sitting against a tree, slowly bleeding out, and death suddenly makes everything clear to him. Love was the driving force behind most of his decisions.

And yes of course

Also, Tasha is to blame for blowing up not one but two of my ships Rapata and Rake this season. Blindspot was a better show with Luke Mitchell on it and I will be miss him dearly. Also jail, but mostly babies. Roman believe's he's like Edmond Dantes and is morally justified inflicting pain on those closest to him. Campbell als Bob Gentilly Jr.

The zip is gone and everything is undone. She'll have access to both versions of herself and will make a choice for good.

Honestly, after the crap he's pulled this season, Martin Gero owes us babies. That would be less painful.

It felt like there was still more story to tell with Roman, which makes his death even more difficult to accept. Now even that was taken from him. Be supportive, but pontificate about impending doomsday and how this is the worst possible time to get pregnant. This is how we take the power back.

What's more this is an obstacle

Even his revenge against Jane was based in his love for her, and the betrayal he felt when Jane zipped him. But Martin Gero lives to torture me, so I don't get nice things. Unfortunately, he's too busy rambling about weddings and babies to notice that Blake called him Roman. Despite all the evil he has done and the lives he has destroyed, we glimpse the innocent boy Jane spent two years trying to save in Roman's final moments.