This one will be for my mum

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Sew in ends of yarns C and D. Although I liked the combination of light blue and dark green in the beginning, while knitting I had second thoughts.

Run a thread through the top of each tr, pull tight and fasten off. On my third attempt to mount the Lorenz manifold the last two rounds broke because the wire was too thick this time. Not having been too happy with it anyway but being linen i.

Now, I have this green thing going, and green really is not my favourite colour, and not this shade of green anyway, but it all came over me so quickly. Making the lining will be the worst bit. Recycling yarn is sometimes weird. Attach to central cluster below eyes.

That solves the problem of

With wrong sides together, join back and front pieces by working a dc in top of corresponding dc, adding stuffing before completing the rnd. That solves the problem of having to decide for yourself for how long to crochet a stitch pattern. Yes, well at first, now it has actually become a dress, because there was enough yarn for one in the end. Which of course does not mean at all that I was not knitting or crocheting. Carefully stitch edges together underneath cluster where two pieces are joined to bring cluster together.

For first piece fasten off, however leave yarn attached on the second piece. This one will be for my mum.

With wrong sides together join back