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Cyanogenmod 12 themes xdating

Every time a new Android version gets released, a new version of CyanogenMod goes out. Choose the newly installed theme and activate it. Included in this collection is a truly wild and bizarre mix of themes, including Vivid, Lucid, and Lumin themes.

The themes are generally high contrast with a lot of color use so this is definitely not for those who like a clean, two-tone look. Elexium is a minimal-style theme and Zyxxeil has stated that the purpose was to show minimalism where needed and color where needed. The white theme wastes more battery than a dark theme and it even hurts our eyes. There are many pieces and components that are needed for an Android phone to work correctly. Dark and Orange theme take care of this problem.

The Lime series are dark themes with splashes of color depending on which one you choose. It makes the user interface simpler and more professional.

Compared to other themes in this list, Voltare is pretty barebones and does not come with its own sound pack, font or boot animations. These themes have a generally lighter look that include white menus with colorful trim and icons. Since Android has always had a dark theme, it came as a shock for many people.

Everything is a mix between dark and red. The theme comes with a bunch of wallpapers, a beautiful font, custom notifications and system sounds, boot animation and more.

Everything is a mix between darkThe theme comes with a

The themes are minimal, but effective and run the range between dark and light themes. They are all dark themes with a splash of color and you can pick from blue, red, green, or gold. Not everyone likes black and those people should definitely look at this collection. The developer has also made sure that readability is not affected in apps due to the black background in apps.

Most themes have a free and paid version so you can try them before you buy them. WhatsApp Android is a very complex operating system. All three are actually fairly light themes, with Roam being mostly stock Android, Tigers Eye being stock with a splash of red, and Gemini being stock with a splash of blue.