Ben is Romeo with Grace as Juliet

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Kat is rejected as a dancer so helps Abigail with her audition, but the director, Gabrielle, seems more interested in her. Ollie challenges Abigail to a dance off. Coupled with the news that Miss Raine is engaged to Marcus, she sabotages the dance outfits with heat cream. Christian continues to shirk responsibility and avoid returning to the Academy. Grace struggles with her feelings about her mother who also had the part of Juliet.

At the Academy, Kat commences a leading role in the indi dance movie. Ollie begins flirting with the male lead of the film. Tara joins Ben on stage, repairing their friendship but earning them both Sir Jeffrey's scorn. She had a fling with Wes in Barcelona but feels guilty about dating him so soon after Sammy's death and refuses to audition for his solo piece.

Ollie and Christian clash over Christian changing the choreography and Christian walks off the shoot but Ollie ends up using his ideas. Abigail misses rehearsals for the tour to audition for the film.

However Ben is worried when Saskia

Saskia and Ben fill the gap with a performance of the Black Swan but Saskia deliberately falls and runs off stage. However, Ben is worried when Saskia also asks him out. Meanwhile, a movie requiring dancers hosts auditions at the academy, with Kat and Abigail auditioning for minor roles. Tara, now dating Ben again, tries not to be jealous of him working closely with Grace, but when Tara and Ben go bowling together Grace invites herself and Christian along to cause trouble.

Saskia and Ben