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From this game you can see mushy or mean attacks from the Stars, its really hilarious one of my favourite games, its actually what made me started watching X-man. They are afterall just starting out only.

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The musical duo held a concert tour in the United States in July and December. This also tells us that anything can happen! The music video of the latter single featured fellow Family Outing cast member Park Ye-jin. His family consists of his parents and an older brother. When something happens to her, he would be the first to rush over to protect her.

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It also supports new formats which recently Dailymotion rolled out. Eun Hye knows this and always tries to perform a complete dance in front of him whenever possible.

The romantic vibes displayed by Jong Kook and his wittiness was felt by all present during the Dangyunhaji segment in Pattaya. The first time Lee Sung Jin meets Bada in Dangyunhaji and he is in for a hard time as Bada accuses him of having an affection for her.

Kim Jong Gook admits to past scandal

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There is comedy, laughter, romance, touching moments, essay on dating and relationships etc but this is not a drama but Dangyunhaji game. The only one time you see Jong Kook really pissed off. So Jong Kook choses to protect the one he loves and not let her feel uncomfortable or getting injured. That is a form of success and that cupping of Eun Hye ears by Jong Kook to date remains a classic moment on television.

But Eun Hye will feel sad when she sees such things happening. Whoever bullies her will not get away scot-free. He is the only one who really pose a threat to their relationship. They look unusually compatible and made people feel comfortable with their pairing.

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But Jong Kook must have felt really pissed because Eun Hye wanted him to dance solo. Rather, it was due to numerous interferences by others trying to come in between them, not taking into consideration that they were actually dating.

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Love confession by Seung Gi, watch how he confess his love through his vocals. However, he had to leave the team after receiving an enlistment notice. Minki had it easy, the one who suffered the most was Shin Jung Hwan, for why did he go and atagonize others?

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