He is married to Danneel Harris

Darryl stephens dating jensen atwood

Darryl you just did an interview

Darryl, you just did an interview with Instinct in which you came out officially. By the time we shot the second season, I had gotten enough advance notice that this was going to happen, and I worked really hard to lose weight. Darryl reminded me of something that happened earlier when I did get to see all those guys at the airport on our way to production. If you want to go to a club where all they play is hip hop and everyone looks like a thug, well good for you.

She is Jesse McCartney's ex-gf. As an actor, you put yourself in different scenarios. Yeah, and when we shot the movie, I had a month. They need to understand that this is about four particular men. And really, I mean the auditioning continues.

He is married to Danneel Harris. But once I met up with all the actors again, I got more comfortable. When the show first came out, a number of the cast members were very coy about their sexual orientation.

Yeah, they come from everywhere. We worked really hard to get the film done, and here it is. It just makes no sense not only to me, but to a lot of our fans as well.

Also, like I said, more auditioning. Some of us, Jensen included, have dancing backgrounds, but no voguing experience, so Christian and Patrik discussed it, and Christian actually choreographed that sequence. Oh, I thought you had spoken in the past of being straight. If you are going to make a smart remark, at least spell his name correctly, it's Jared Padalecki.

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That is a personal question for him. He could be dating somebody else right now. For me, on the subject of sexuality, the reason I have the interest I do is because of acting, which is what I do for a living.

You know, people who need to see these thugged-out, macho guys with their pants hanging around their asses need to first figure out why they need to see that. Switching gears a bit, tell me a bit about the dance scene in the movie. When we first met Wade, you know a lot of people said he was straight.

Darryl had to stop lifting weights to slim down. It became to be such a dumb thing to be dodging the question. What I love the most is that I still get emails from people who are just discovering the show and just now starting to get excited about it for whatever reason. And Jared is no longer single.

Joanna Krupa and Danneel Harris, but hes still in a relationship with Danneel. That was actually my favorite part of the whole thing. Pilot season is coming up, and I think both of us are excited about doing something new. Patrik did that very deliberately and I think it was very bold on his part.