Let's set up our datagrid

Datagrid checkbox not updating

Many new controls are being developed everyday but their basic idea is inherited from the classic DataGrid control. Now let's see the BindData method in detail. As you may have guessed, when creating an editable GridView whose data comes from an ObjectDataSource, the underlying data access layer class must provide an appropriate Update method. The first step is to transform those three columns into TemplateFields. We recommend using Visual Studio This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

In the last two demosThis is a prime case

Making datagrid editable is pretty simple. By default, the TextBoxes have no validation controls associated with them, but your business rules might require certain validation. This sort of editing is also known as Inline editing.

All of the necessary functionality is encapsulated within the GridView. All you do is code few lines in the EditCommand event of the datagrid. Let's now make the Edit method which will display textboxes inside the datagrid so that a user can insert data.

This is a prime case where a DropDownList would be suited for the editing interface. In the last two demos we'll see how to customize the editing interface for a GridView column. Now let's look at the stored procedure. You can override this behavior by setting the ConvertEmptyStringToNull property to False for whatever parameters needed. And finally add the edit, update, cancel buttons which can be found under the button option.

In this section we'll examine four examples. One disadvantage of the default editing capabilities of the GridView, though, is that the editing interface is likely suboptimal.

Our next task is to customize the editing interface for the CategoryName column so that it uses a DropDownList of categories as opposed to a TextBox. This example demonstrates the GridView's default editing interface, which renders all editable columns as TextBoxes. Most of the work is required in adding a method to the data access layer class to handle the update. As we can see above in the code, we are retrieving the value from the first column of the datagrid.

After marking the command object with the stored procedure, we pass the parameter which is PersonName. Cancel event is used when you are in the edit mode and you change your mind about not editing. For this reason, before preforming any action, it checks to see when the current cell is dirty or not. To help clarify any confusion, let's look at a concrete example. Don't forget to bind the datagrid.