And finally, tell your partner

Dating a conflict avoider

My experience with avoidant personalities is that they will often push the limits to see if you will still approve of them. Perhaps not on the first date, but if things get deeper, explain that you have issues with intimacy, that problems surrounding this may come up.

You live on the periphery of relationships, seeing others only as a means to an end. Healthy human relationships are reciprocal and we understand what keeps relationships healthy and moving forward. The emotion of love makes us feel vulnerable. Avoidant personalities often draw near to people they love or care about, and later pull away out of fear. As a result of consulting with many experienced elders in the field, I developed a list of approaches that families can take to cope with the avoidant personality.

They are highly empathetic. Once they love you, they will never let you go. Avoidants typically have extremely close friendships up to the point where they will do anything to protect them. After All, you have a life too. They know their weaknesses and will handle constructive criticism well.

They will surprise you with how much they are constantly improving to be a better version of themselves. Avoidants are definitely not the best at communicating, but encourage them and be gentle with them, because they will do what they can to to make it work. You must not forget that personality disorders include inborn, pervasive, and chronic behavioral patterns that are not likely to be changed. To make matters worse, some individuals also struggle with depression or anxiety or anger management difficulties.

Once they loveThey are highly empathetic