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Report Dramacritic No he doesn't deserve a second chance. She slumps against the back of the van.

Her fall jogs her memory and she finally recognizes their faces. That is not remorse, that is more like jealousy that someone else better can be with her. Even if he promise not to do it again.

As if I needed to remind

Time to shake up this joint. Her face falls when Byung-hoon tells her that her report falls far below his expectations. Before she can delve too much into that uncomfortable thought, she gets a text that makes her happy, and she runs to show it to Byung-hoon. Byung-hoon hanging off of a rooftop ledge, held by a rope as a couple of gangsters who threaten him to pay up. The team listens as their interviewee, Joon-hyuk, recounts about how he fell in love with a local librarian the day he found her feeding a stray cat in the rain.

He sweetly adds that he admires the fervent passion she has in her line of work, and hopes that it will find a home. As if I needed to remind you. He shrugs off her help, but wrings some more. The situation goes as well as you might expect and the librarian is startled at the damning evidence before her. Hye-ri explains that her older brother spent the end of his life in a hospital like this.

She jumps when a machine suddenly comes to life, its gears whirring. We see that he intentionally broke the wine bottle so that the smell would trigger her memory about their previous awkward encounter. They say that good things come in fours and Cyrano is no exception. She argues that his tactics are impolite, to which he tells her that those so-called romantic overtures are the ones that are impolite. If sincerity is to be valued, then one must be thorough.

Her client tells her not to beat herself too much about it, and places the blame on himself for going after a Grade A woman when he himself is a Grade F man. Da Doo Ron Ron Seohyun came to cheer for her unnie. First of all he is a bastard. Never even admit his mistake but when someone else better pop up and trying to be with her, he finally realize his mistake. She happily reports that librarian Jae-in is an quick and efficient worker who loves her job.

Then she gives her client Ji Jin-hee his cue. With one last burst of courage, he asks her for a chance to prove himself. Without a word, he gently pushes her into the train just before the door closes. Orangendutz Yea that right, i thinks he have right to get second chance. She strains to keep a smile on her face until another voice cuts in, asking if there is such a thing as sincere feelings.

He invents an excuse to ask her over, while Byung-hoon sniffs in his pettily jealous way. Subtitled in Arabic, German, Greek, English,. Hi, the English subtitles already out on dailymotion. Jae-in roams the platform until her eyes fall upon Joon-hyuk sitting mysteriously on a bench.

Watching incredulously are the two thugs, who realize that Master was all twisted up in knots over her. His character is downright a bastard, no offense but I can't even sympathize for him. Even if the girl doesn't get together with the new guy, he still don't deserve a second chance. Moo-jin offers to take the recon trip to the hospital to confirm, since he can visit his grandmother as a cover story. The camera briefly cuts to a mysterious man sitting at a different table before the woman Lee Chung-ah gives her answer.

Thus, their client must also have an air of mystery about them. Hae-shim admits that the one nice thing about this is that they get to be alone together. Hae-shim cameo by Yeh Ji-won is a kind, understanding nurse who takes care of Grandma in the senior ward.