You become a weightlifter

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That made you special, somehow. Until finally, the stars started going out one by one. The only living thing you encounter is the occasional bear. But one thing stuck with you. Except that this man has no bare skin anywhere.

Green The first thingYou gain a reputation both

He asked you to be his advisor, and you accepted. She actually says pweeeeeeease. You are too lovestruck to say anything. Arguably Doritos and or Mountain Dew.

Everyone is terrible at everything all the time, and it pisses you off. Standing on your porch is a man in black. The type where you hang out in a small cabin in the middle of the mountains and never talk to anybody. Everything is so easy for you that your body just shrugs it off effortlessly.

Thinking quickly, you tell the gun to explode in his hands. By this point we are of course fabulously wealthy, and we are one of the first people to partake of it. All five of your security systems have been totally silent.

Green The first thing you do after taking the green pill is become a sparrow. You gain a reputation both for brilliance and for fearsomeness. Red You choose the red pill. Chappelle's Show is a perfect example of a show people watch so they can quote it with their friends.